GGlobal AID is proud of its Catalysts, Winners, Challengers and Survivors, who, despite many odds and difficult conditions, have been achieving what we just dreamt of. With little financial support and immense mentoring support from Global AID team, they are crossing several dire conditions. Here, we are listing some of such warriors who shone their abilities with the help of generous donors and mentors from Global AID

<SiripurapuSaiDeeksha–SaiDeeksha is the elder daughter of a humble auto driver Ramu, who runs an auto between tribal hamlets. Megreincome and poverty didn’t deter Sai to pursue her education. With continuous 5 years support from Global AID and Adopt Child Online,SaiDeeksha is now studying first year computers in NIT, Warangal. She secured that seat with her hard work and support from us


Hema– Hemavathi is a girl with one hand disability due to a construction site accident. She is the daughter of a construction labor couple. Hema is an ambitious girl who excelled in studies. Sensing her talent, we gave seat to her in our residential hostel under Hub n Spoke Project. Our dedicated and committed staff coached Hema about life values and determination to pursue her dreams. Hema represented State of Andhra Pradesh in javelin throw game with her one hand. Her hard work paid off. Hema got seat in rural IIIT where 6 years of her education is completely free of cost and sponsored by government. Hema is pursuing third year of her course. She takes great pride in mentoring next batches of kids in our hostel too. She is a great role model now.


GudlaRamana – GudlaRamanawas a very poor student.He was in our hostel for a period of three years. Post 10th class, Hub n Spoke team identified his potential and enrolled him in Polytechnic.Mr. Shankarakuppa& Dr. UshaSrinivas helped him achieve his goals with their generous donation. Now Ramana finished his polytechnic and did job in a company in Agra for one year. However, doing engineering on lateral entry was his dream. He is now fulfilling his dream with his earnings. This is what we call true empowerment of an individual.


Ramakrishna Reddy – Anunfortunate electricity accident left Ramakrishna disabled. He lost both his legs and hands. Ramakrishna is a gutsy young person and wishes to fight his disability. He contacted Global AID, along with ACO India, Global AID fundraised for him and fit him with new artificial hands with rehab and technological support of Chaithanya Rehabilitation Center. His hands costed more than one lakh for us and immense effort on part of Ramakrishna to function with his hands again. Today he is a happy man, eating and functioning with his hands. Global AID is proud of him


These are some of the stories. The list is inclusive not exhaustive. We haven’t included names of some disabled persons and their families to protect their privacy. Please watch this space for more stories of hope and beyond…!!


~~Team Global AID