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UB N SPOKE is a flagship project of Global AID which caters to the educational needs of the children in a rural belt located in the Andra Mandal of Vizianagaram district of Andhra Pradesh. This year a total 169 children in the hamlets (spoke) and 51 children in the hostel (hub) benefitted from the program.

People who live in these hamlets are migrant laborers who migrated from the neighboring states of Bihar, Orissa, Chattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh. Development and Modernization are aliens to their land. Their means of livelihood is agriculture and quarry work and their earnings are meagre. In this backdrop, Hub N Spoke emerged like a lotus in the pond for the children of agricultural laborers.

Global AID appoints teachers in these hamlets who work towards increasing the attendance rate of children to schools as well as facilitating language skills. Teaching is imparted to children through activity based learning. With the support of trained teachers, academic coordinators and retired teachers Global Aid is focusing on creating opportunities of Learning through Fun. They believe that this helps in the holistic development of a child.

Children who get used to activity based learning in these hamlets (Spokes) eventually join the hostel (Hub) located in Gajapatinagaram. These children get enrolled into Government schools.

Global Aid hostel, consisting of 75 students provides accommodation and food to all the children. Apart from this, hostel gives special care and education, training in extracurricular activities to the children who are offshoot from the spokes.

Hub N Spoke is a brainchild of Prof. Sameer Prasad, a supply chain management professional, and Sai Padma and Pragnanand, a noble couple who work for the benefit of under privileged.

The Hub Hostel is funded by IDS (India Development Services) a non-profit organization which is dedicated to support economic and social development in India. IDS serves in remote, under-developed and difficult areas that are in need. In addition, the hostel is managed by Lions Trust, Annapoorna Foundation, USA and Global Aid.

HUB n SPOKE is exploring new avenues to provide additional services to the community by extending support to more hamlet schools, creating Vocational schools, increasing hostel capacity and health care network to add value to educational stream.

Be a part of this journey to see smiles on the faces of our children.

All of us smile in one language and that is the language of Happiness and Bliss.