lobal AID, in partnership with service minded people and organizations, envisions empowerment, support and improvement in the state of accessibility, mobility, employability and sustainability of persons with disabilities.

The goal of Global AID is to provide succor, encouragement, guidance, counseling and support to disabled members of society to improve on their life style and manage disability with minimalistic dependency on others.

This should help the disabled persons to come out and indulge in all the activities which is always considered as out of reach or a taboo.

Accessibility - A way of life..!!

Accessibility is not an issue which is confined to only old and physically disabled individuals. It is a universal issue. Imagine yourself in a situation where you cannot climb stairs due to your back pain or access a public place due to its placement or stranded in a desert or woods searching for the destination, caught in deep waters trying to find out the shore. A deep pain of helplessness envelopes. This is the most terrifying condition where one feels helpless and turns towards the sky folding their hands in prayer for rescue. Every living being on this earth has a right to live, right to access no matter whoever they are.

Accessibility is living a full life, lack of access is like having double disability. Many public places in our country are not accessible to many old and disabled sections of the society. The local governments should conduct their respective area access audits and make the place safe and sound for all. Local communities and DPOs should take help of local clubs and communities and such type of organizations in assessing and implementing access. The role of senior citizen organizations is crucial to raise awareness. Malls and other public places should have access advocacy group of volunteers with right kind of signboards and placards. Accessible transport system by even private agencies will help gain more visibility. Access at service places like hospitals and nursing departments and giving wide coverage to the establishments will ensure enhanced visibility. Youth and social service organizations can work towards the endeavor of turning public places to accessible destinations to go around and spend some time over there.


Global AID is working towards creating an accessible society through its focus on the areas such as:

  • Identification of places where accessibility is an issue and conduct access audits and bring attention of relevant authorities to turn them into places of accessibility
  • Gathering local support and document every effort & teach universal design standards to everyone, especially those in civil construction field.
  • Making access information truly accessible to everyone and making accessible India campaign a success.
  • Ensuring provision of reserved parking places for vehicles
  • Ensuring provision of ramps/wheelchairs in shopping malls
  • Provision of home based physiotherapy services


Mobility plays a prime role in the lives of people, be it moving around in a home or commute to daily work to earn living. Life comes to a halt without mobility and this is much needed task to cope with the needs of Life. In order to help physically challenged people Global AID is working in the fields of mobility through:

  • Distribution of wheel chairs, hearing aids, calipers and other assistive devices through networking with individuals and institutions
  • Distribution of special wheel chairs to cerebral palsy children
  • Guiding and providing information related to various assistive devices
  • Support in medical assessment of PwDs
  • Post surgical rehabilitation & counseling and psycho social support
  • Car modification information and guidance to PwDs


Employment creates livelihood and creates an opportunity to earn income. Employment enables one to lead a life filled with dignity and respect. A nation’s economic development is measured by the quality of life and employment opportunities that the country provides to its citizens.

Global AID is working in this area through:

  • Counseling and Career guidance
  • Assessment of employee and job profile
  • Liaison with corporate houses to provide employment to PwDs
  • Training in communication skills through workshops and seminars


Apart from creating employment opportunities, we provide support to skilled and talented PwDs in establishing their own enterprise or small scale business unit. Global AID is working towards:

  • Promotion of Home based entrepreneurs under sustainable small businesses/livelihoods program.
  • Provision of Education to under privileged children through networking with donors
  • Providing education and support to the families of PwDs
  • Providing research and mentoring support
  • Guidance and procurement of disability certificates
  • Legal and counseling support to PwDs