Mrs. Shridevi Muralidhar, Is a trained De-addiction counselor who pioneered extremely sensitive sector/community of Alcoholic/substance abuse and its impact on urban, rural and tribal areas of Andhra Pradesh. Our association got established firmly in the year 2009 when we were trying to find a mentor who would professionally guide in addressing the menace of alcoholism in remote tribal hamlets of vizianagaram district, after a thorough search, we approached Mrs. Sridevi to guide the organisation. Our board depends on her inputs regarding socio psychological counseling of adolescent girls, their health and well-being of communities within the framework of educational and health initiatives. Mrs. Shridevi is an exemplary Educationist about addiction and other substance based addictions and related disabilities and helping in rehabilitation of addicts and their families.
Mrs. shridevi continues to guide us through several projects including our flagship Hub and spoke model of education, In collaboration with her voluntary organization VB RAJU SOCIAL HEALTH FOUNDATION.