Global Ability in Disability - Global AID: Global AID is a non-profit organization based in Visakhapatnam and Vizianagaram Districts of Andhra Pradesh, India. Global AID, brain child of Sai Padma, Founder President and Pragna Anand, Founder Secretary was established to explore and identify hidden abilities in differently abled persons, persons with disabilities, nurture, improve and develop them with professional and personal care, ultimately empowering them.
Their mission is to provide accessibility to all and to see a healthy world around by reaching the end mile.


Its vision is ‘Creation of a better world for differently abled persons, persons with disabilities, physically challenged persons to live with dignity & respect, making them ‘development inclusive’ thus accomplishing quality of life.’


Its mission is ‘mainstreaming into society, differently abled persons, persons with disabilities, physically challenged persons with all natural rights and special rights that they are entitled.

Our Focus

We are Four Focused

-Of Persons with Disabilities and impoverished persons and their families.

Global AID is established:

• To deal with, and represent as an organization on issues pertaining to accessible environment for the disabled people such as accessible workplace, public place and to conduct access audits.
• To carryout community based rehabilitation programs and projects.
• To work actively for disability rights and human rights as a whole.
• To publish works related to disability rehabilitation, in the form of journals, newsletters, poetry, prose etc.
• To provide job oriented training and placement services and sustainable livelihood options to persons with disability/disabilities.
• To provide healthcare and counseling and rehabilitation services to physically, mentally challenged persons and aged persons.
• To run schools, hospitals, vocational training centers in the selected areas anywhere in India.
• To network with organizations working with similar objectives. And to give better opportunities for the disabled by using assistive, adoptive and information technology tools, appliances and aids.
• Initiate programs and projects for providing inclusive environment for the differently abled persons.
• To organize any program to reflect voice of physically challenged and aged persons and to enter into any sector as the board of trustees may deem fit from time to time.